The Montana Hereford Association.

The Montana Hereford Association was established in 1947 as a not for profit service organization. The goal of the MHA is to promote and support all facets of the Hereford cattle industry in Montana. Promotional events sponsored by the MHA vary based on the opportunities and resources available.

Focus the past several years has been on: the development of a Hereford influenced feeder calf sale; an annual tour, each year visiting different geographical areas and breeders; a group/membership only quarterly print advertisement; and website upgrade/redesign with the goal of offering members more promotional exposure.

The Association is governed by a Board of 7. Three directors serving (staggered) 3 year terms from each district (east and west) and 1 at large directors, serving 1 year terms. A President and Vice President are selected from this group of 7 each year. Directors are elected at general membership annual meeting. The MHA Secretary is a non-voting position, appointed by the President.

Montana ranks 7th in the nation with respects to the number of new cattle registrations (3,467) with the American Hereford Association (AHA). Montana’s cow herd inventory with AHA is at 4,080. Based on data from AHA’s 2022 Annual Report.

The Association currently has over 50 members, consisting of registered Hereford breeders, commercial cattlemen using Hereford influence in their program, and allied industries.

Montana has an active Junior Hereford Association.

For more information about joining the Montana Hereford Association or to find out more information about a specific ranch or sale, please feel free to contact us at infomontanahereford@gmail.com or by calling 307-629-0654.