2023 MHA Members

Membership Directory

7C Herefords

George & Jessica Sparks
Horned/Polled: Horned
Address: 271 Ismay Mail Rd Ismay, MT  59336
Phone: 765-491-1413
Email: jessicakay401@gmail.com
Website: www.sparksherefords.com/7c-herefords
Facebook: @sparksherefords

2 Year Old Bull Sale in February

Anchor Polled Herefords

Paul & Berva Hinderager
Address: 31 14th Ln NE Vaugh, MT  59487
Phone: 406-467-2880

Anderson Ranch

Sam Anderson
Address: 389 Tom Miner Creek Rd Emigrant, MT  59027
Phone: 248-914-7491
Email: sca72sks@gmail.com

Bar Star Cattle

Chad & Stephanie Murnin
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 290 Jensen Rd Musselshell, MT  59059
Phone: 406-399-7811
Email: barstarcattle@hotmail.com
Website: www.barstarcattle.com
Facebook: @barstarcattle

Live Auction Bull Sale in March-Online Female, Embryo, & Semen Sales Year Round

Bayers Hereford Ranch

Jill Bayers Hotchkiss
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 13823 Beaver Creek Pl Reva, MT  57651
Phone: 605-490-1409 or 605-866-4495
Email: jbh@herefordamerca.com
Website: www.bayersherefordranch.com

Production Sale with Friedt Herefords in Dickinson, ND in February.

Beery Land & Livestock Company

Joanne Beery, Matt & Krista Beery, Ethan Beery, and Leah Beery
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 503 MT Hwy 254 Vida, MT  59274
Phone: 406-773-5721, 406-979-5720, or 406-979-5723
Email: bllcattle@gmail.com
Website: www.beeryherefords.com
Facebook: @hornherefords

Private Treaty Year Round

Brownell Polled Herefords

David Brownell
Horned/Polled: Polled
Address PO Box 67 Pendroy  59467
Phone: 406-788-3242
Email: dave.brownell51@gmail.com

Churchill Cattle Company

Dale & Nancy Vanhuizen
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 1862 Yadon Rd Manhattan, MT  59741
Phone: 406-580-6421 or 406-284-6421
Email: curchillcattle@gmail.com
Website: www.churchillcattle.com

Bull Sale in January & Female Sale in September

Cooper Hereford Ranch

Mark & Cristy Cooper and Family
Horned/Polled: Horned
Physical Address: 2303 Cooper Rd Willow Creek, MT  59760
Mailing Address: PO Box 126 Willow Creek, MT  59760
Phone: Mark 406-539-6885; Dave 406-570-5519; Katie 406-579-6934; Kelsy 406-579-6935
Email: mark@cooperherefords.com
Website: www.cooperherefords.com
Facebook: @cooperherefordranch

Annual Production Sale in March

Curlew Cattle Company

Howard & Lynn Moss
Horned/Polled: Horned
Address: 895 Whitetail Rd Whitehall, MT  59759
Phone: 406-287-9947
Email: curlewcattle@gmail.com

Private Treaty-Bulls starting 1st week of March, Females available by November

Dallas Polled Herefords

Don Dallas
Address: PO Box 532 Canyon Creek, MT  59633
Phone: 406-368-2244
Email: land@dallas-land.com

Double Bit Ranch

Paul Tishee
Horned/Polled: Horned
Address: 173 Parkinson Ln Libby, MT  59923
Phone: 406-293-8185
Email: doublebitranchmt@gmail.com
Website: www.doublebitranch.com

Bulls and Replacement Heifers by Private Treaty

Duncan Ranch Company

Bruce & Tammy Duncan
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 625 2100 Rd E Joplin, MT  59531
Phone: 406-292-3503 or 406-399-6300
Email: btduncan@itstriangle.com
Website: www.duncanranch.com

Silent Auction in March, remaining bulls sell Private Treaty

Ehlke Herefords

Mark & Della Ehlke, Lacey Jepson, and Jane’a Merkel
Horned/Polled: Polled
Mailing Address: PO Box 1487 Townsend, MT  59644
Phone: 406-439-4311
Email: info@ehlkeherefords.com
Website: www.ehlkeherefords.com

Female Sale in September, Bulls Private Treaty Year Round

Eik Ranch Herefords

Brad Eik & Allen Eik
Horned/Polled: Both
Physical Address: 751 Cole Creek Rd Joliet, MT  59041
Mailing Address: PO Box 283 Joliet, MT  59041
Phone: Brad 406-853-2635
Email: brad.eik@usda.gov

Private Treaty Year Round

Feddes Herefords

Dan, Tim, and Taylor Feddes
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 2009 Churchill Rd Manhattan, MT  59741
Phone: Dan 406-570-1602; Tim 406-570-4771; Taylor 406-570-4211
Email: drfeddes@msn.com
Website: www.feddes.com

Private Treaty Year Round


Ranch Manager-Brad Eik
Horned/Polled: Horned
Address: 243 Fort Keogh Rd Miles City, MT  59301
Phone: 406-853-2635
Email: brad.eik@usda.gov

Spring Private Treaty or Online Video Sale

Frank Herefords

Austin Frank & Josh Shengle
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 2210 Hwy 78 Roscoe, MT  59071
Phone: Austin 307-631-6012; Josh 570-637-2644
Email: arffrank@yahoo.com
Website: www.frankherefords.com

Online Heifer Sale in November and Spring Bull Sale in April

Fries Family Ranch

Robert & Joyce Fries
Horned/Polled: Horned
Mailing Address: PO Box 2332 East Helena, MT  59635
Phone: 406-475-9466
Email: friesr@mt.net

Garrison Ranches Inc

Bill Garrison
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 1273 Burma Rd Glen, MT  59732
Phone: 406-835-2501 or 406-925-0736
Email: letsrnch@3rivers.net

Private Treaty-2 year old bulls

Harper Herefords

Jim & Wilbur Harper
Horne/Polled: Horned
Address: 16245 US Hwy 12 W Roundup, MT  59072
Phone: 406-323-1686
Email: harperherefords@gmail.com

Private Treaty Bulls Available by April

Holden Herefords

Jack & Tresha Holden and Family
Horne/Polled: Horned
Address: 3139 Valier Dupuyer Rd Valier, MT  59486
Phone: Jack 406-450-1029; Jay Evans 406-450-0129; Brad 406-590-3307; Eric Lawver 406-600-3118
Email: jtholden@3rivers.net
Website: www.holdenherefords.com
Facebook: @holdenherefords

Annual Production Sale in March

Hultin Polled Herefords

Jim Hultin
Horned/Polled: Polled
Address: 2623 Fantasy Rd Helena, MT  59602
Phone: 406-459-1691
Email: jim.hultin@gmail.com

Private Treaty

Indreland’s Grasshaven Ranch

Rory & Mary Indreland
Horned/Polled: Horned
Address: 6400 Indreland Rd Missoula, MT  59808
Phone: 406-493-8226
Email: grasshaven@aol.com

Private Treaty

J and L Ranch

Jerry & Linda Girard
Horned/Polled: Polled
Address: 858 S Shonshone Loop Hamilton, MT  59840
Phone: 406-369-1108
Email: jandlranch@hotmail.com

Private Treaty

J Bar E Ranch

Arvid & Linda Eggen, Lorrie Eggen, and Jarett Eggen
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 143 Muddy Loop Plentywood, MT  59254
Phone: Ranch 406-895-2657; Arvid 406-765-7068; Lorrie 406-765-8219
Email: jbare@nemont.com

Private Treaty

K&C Herefords

Cory & Keesha Dutton
Horned/Polled: Polled
Address: 1074 Sam Beck Rd Deer Lodge, MT  59722
Phone: 406-240-9301 or 406-552-3784
Email: dutton.cory@gmail.com
Facebook: @K&CHerefords

Cattle Available Private Treaty-Yearling Heifers in October, Yearling Bulls in April

K.L Slagsvold Herefords

K.L Slagsvold
Horned/Polled: Horned
Address: 671 Fas 470 Lindsay, MT  59339
Phone: 406-584-7571
Email: kslagsvold@armt.com

L Bar W Cattle Company

Carl & Denise Loyning and Mike & Jeannette Walen
Horned/Polled: Horned
Physical Address: 21 Red Barn Ln Columbus, MT  59019
Mailing Address: PO Box 398 Absarokee, MT  59001
Phone: 406-425-2484
Email: cdloyning@gmail.com
Website: www.lbarw.com
Facebook: @lbarwcattle

Annual Production Sale in March

McMurry Cattle

Fred & Doreen McMurry
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 2027 Iris Ln Billings, MT  59102
Phone: 406-254-1247 or 406-697-4040
Email: mcmurrycattle@gmail.com
Website: www.mcmurrycatte.com

Sale in September with Mohican West

MJB Ranch

M James & Mary Brown
Horned/Polled: Horned
Address: PO Box  259 Lodge Grass, MT  59050
Phone: 406-639-2569

Private Treaty

Mohican West

Manager-Terry Powsland
Horned/Polled: Polled
Address: 3100 Sportsman Park Rd Laurel, MT  59044
Phone: 406-670-8529
Email: mohicanw@yahoo.com
Website: www.mohicanpolledherefords.com

Female Sale in September, Bull Sale in November

NJW Polled Herefords

Ned & Jan Ward
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 2637 Adsit Rd Decker, MT  59025
Phone: Ned 307-751-8298; Jan 307-751-9470; House 406-757-0600
Email: njwardherefords@gmail.com
Website: www.njwherefords.com

Annual Sale in March

Otis Ranch

Jason & Jennifer Otis
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: PO Box 164 Emigrant, MT  59027
Phone: 406-223-4518
Email: jason.otis.77@gmail.com

Private Treaty

Pitts Polled Herefords

Terry Pitts
Address: PO Box 41 Dixon, MT  59831
Phone: 406-370-8839
Email: terrypitts1723@gmail.com

Rafter Ranch Inc

Liz Jones and Yvonne Jones
Horned/Polled: Horned
Address: 64542 MT Hwy 43 Wise River, MT  59762
Phone: 406-832-3219

Private Treaty Year Round

Rocky Mountain Mini Herefords

Kallie Rummel and Randa Boler-Rummel
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 7317 Evaro Rd Missoula, MT  59808
Phone: 406-207-1480
Email: denise410ok@yahoo.com

Private Treaty

Sidwell Ranch

Richard & Becky Sidwell
Horned/Polled: Both
Physical Address: 186 Rapelje Rd Columbus, MT  59019
Mailing Address: PO Box 834 Columbus, MT  59019
Phone: 406-322-4425, 406-861-4426, or 406-670-4227
Email: sidwell@sidwell-land.com
Website: www.sidwell-land.com

Annual Spring Sale and Private Treaty

Sparks Hereford

Tom & Carol Sparks
Horned/Polled: Horned
Address: 1515 Plevna Rd S Plevna, MT  59344
Phone: 406-778-2320
Email: sparks@midriver.com
Website: www.sparksherefords.com
Facebook: @sparksherefords

2 Year Old Bull Sale in February

Storey Hereford Ranch

Chuck & Kathy Kohlbeck and Garrett & Katelyn Knebel
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: 10069 River Rd Bozeman, MT  59718
Phone: Chuck 406-580-8255; Kathy 406-580-1515; Katelyn 406-580-9565; Garrett 219-508-2657
Email: shr@storeyherefordranch.com
Website: www.storeyherefordranch.com
Facebook: @storeyherefordranch

Private Treaty Bulls starting in January, Female Online Sale in October

Thomas Herefords

Richard & Shirley Thomas and Bruce & Tammy Thomas
Horned/Polled: Polled
Physical Address: 583 Hereford Ln Gold Creek, MT  59733
Mailing Address: PO Box 330055 Gold Creek, MT  59733
Phone: 406-544-1536
Email: bruce@thomasherefords.com
Website: www.thomasherefords.com

Private Treaty Sales, Online Semen Sales

Tudahl Herefords

Mark Tudahl
Horned/Polled: Polled
Address: 6460 MT Hwy 35 Big Fork, MT  59911
Phone: 406-890-1634
Email: tudahlherefords@yahoo.com

Private Treaty with Ehlke Herefords

Wichman Herefords

Justin & Carmen Wichman
Horned/Polled: Horned
Address: 1921 Wichman Rd Moore, MT  59464
Phone: 406-350-3123
Email: justinwichman22@gmail.com

Private Treaty Year Round

Wilson Hereford Ranch

Pat Wilson
Address: 33 Buttercup Ln Trout Creek, MT  59874
Phone: 406-370-4074
Email: patmindiwilson@gmail.com

Yorlum Cattle Company

Joe & Katie McAfee
Horned/Polled: Both
Address: PO Box 172 Trego, MT  59934
Phone: 406-309-5573; 406-270-6722
Email: yccranch@aol.com