Breeders of purebred cattle are truly making an investment in becoming seed stock producers for the beef cattle industry. As such, it is very important for cattle breeders in this segment of the industry to identify closely with their breed’s association to help shape the direction of their breed and to be aware of current developments.

The obvious reason for membership is to receive the many membership benefits.
Members receive services and are able to participate in MHA events  that  non-members do not;  in addition to being able to vote on association issues and nominate and elect directors.

If you are not already a member of the Montana Hereford Association, fill out the membership application link, or contact the MHA Secretary at 406-425-2252 if you have additional questions. When you have completed the application, send it with the proper fee to the Association. Membership runs on the calendar year.

2021 MHA Annual Meeting Highlights

  • Welcome to the Board of Directors: Eric Lawver, 3 yr West Director

  • Welcome to the Board of Directors: Justin Wichman, 3 yr East Director

  • Welcome back to the Board of Directors: Chad Murnin, 1 yr At Large

  • Thank you to Jon Bouma and Jane’a Merkel for your time on the Board.


Traders Dispatch:

For those of you who have been faithful advertisers of the Traders Dispatch, the membership has voted to not move forward advertising with them. Our contract was up and with the increased cost of everything they were no longer able to give us a cost break. Therefore, it was not financially feasible to continue with them.

Annual Directory:

There are some big changes happening with the membership directory for the 2022 year. Please be patient with the Board of Directors while they finalize details. Their number one goal moving forward with this directory is to make it all about the membership. As soon as everything is finalized a detailed directory packet will be mailed to all members. In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the BoD members. They are very excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to present it to the membership.