Breeders of purebred cattle are truly making an investment in becoming seed stock producers for the beef cattle industry. As such, it is very important cattle breeders in this segment of the industry identify closely with their breed’s association to help shape the direction of their breed and to be aware of current developments.

The obvious, immediate reason for membership is to receive membership benefits.
Members receive services and are able to participate in MHA events  that  non-members do not;  in addition to being able to vote.
association issues and nominate and  elect directors.

If you are not already a member of the Montana Hereford Association, download a membership application below, or contact the MHA Secretary at 406-322-8541 if you have additional questions.
When you have completed the application, send it with the proper fee to the Association.
Membership runs on the calendar year.

2019 Montana Hereford Association Tour

September 13th & 14th, 2019

ROOM BLOCK AND REGISTRATION EXTENDED!! The Double Tree has extended the room block for a week for anyone who still needs to get their room booked! Get yourself a room by the 19th!


Tour Flyer
We will be hosting a two day tour in south central Montana centered in the Bull Stud Capital of the World, Billings, MT. Please check in for updates. If you have any questions please contact Chad Murnin at or 406-399-7811.

HOTEL BLOCK: There is a block of rooms reserved for the tour at the Double Tree Hotel in Billings.  The tour block is for Sept 12-15, September 11 is available for Tour rate if folks want to come in a day early. If booking online, and a stay of only 12-15 is desired, be sure to adjust the calendar. BOOK YOUR ROOM BEFORE AUGUST 19th!! Here is the LINK!


Montana Hereford Association Scholarship

At the 2018  MHA Annual Meeting, a silent auction was held to raise money for a scholarship fund. This year there will be three scholarships of $250 will be awarded to outstanding students who have demonstrated a commitment to a career in the beef industry through classes, internships, or life experiences. If you are/or know a graduating senior or enrolled student of a 2 – 4 year institution, CLICK HERE for more information and to download the application.